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Modern Puppy Training Perth

  • Appropriate interaction with other pups - off lead and on lead. 
  • Pups learn to sit, puppy recall, drop and nose targeting and other actions - basic compliance behaviours that are important for good control. 
  • Learn more about correct handling as well as basic husbandry. 
  • Learn how to play with your pup - inappropriate play can make your puppy’s behaviour worse! 
  • Learn about puppy rearing issues. 
  • You will receive handouts, training lessons to do at home and a course certificate. 
Please note: All pups must have had their first vaccine and be well before joining. 

Our Puppy Classes in Perth

Puppyhood is a critical life stage for dogs. Aside from growing so quickly they are rapidly learning about their environment, what behaviours work and living in today’s society. The greatest opportunity to influence a dog’s future behaviour and ability to adapt to living in human society is during puppyhood.

This is a time when careful exposure to new things and experiences (socialisation) combined with age-appropriate training, early intervention for behaviour modification and correctly managing ‘normal’ puppy behaviours is essential.

One of the best things you can do is seek the guidance of a highly qualified and experienced trainer to help you navigate the puppy stage and monitor your puppy’s behavioural development.

Our puppy classes here in Perth are coordinated by a Simone Tuten, a Certified Dog Behaviour Consultant (and a Certified Professional Dog Trainer – Knowledge Assessed), with over 30 years of experience. Simone has run and been involved with puppy classes across Perth continuously since 2007 and has trained/helped several thousand puppies over that time. 

Puppy Socialisation

If you wish to have your puppy grow up resilient and strong in any environment, then puppy socialisation is an essential component to their training and development. At Forrestdale Veterinary Hospital, we pride ourselves of creating a positive socialisation experience for your puppy.  

Our Perth puppy trainer – Simone, will direct her attention to your puppy and their specific behavioural responses to various environmental cues such as other dogs, kids, machinery noises and anything else that they may encounter throughout their life with you. These puppy socialisation classes are an integral component to our Perth puppy training and will lay down the foundation to an independent, well-adapted and well-behaved dog. 

For more information get in contact with Simone via email, text or Facebook Messenger 

Perth Puppy Preschool – Class Overview

Our puppy classes in Perth will cover the following:

  • Appropriate interaction with other puppies
  • Basic training like sit, down, settle, recall
  • Handling and basic husbandry
  • Exposure to novel items and situations
  • How to respond and handle puppy behaviours and issues like mouthing and toilet training

During the class, Simone will be monitoring your puppy’s behaviour over the weeks and will discuss any concerns with you; however, if you have any concerns about your puppy’s behaviour at home which we may not see during class please mention your concerns to Simone.

Our Puppy Trainer in Perth – Simone Tuten

Forrestdale Vet expert pupppy trainer and certified dog behaviour consultant in Perth

Simon Tuten puppy trainer expert Perth

Simone Tuten is a Certified Dog Behaviour Consultant, certified by the International Association of Animal Behaviour Consultants. She has over 35 years’ experience training dogs and horses and specialised in helping pets with problem behaviours.  

Early identification of potential problem behaviours and intervention during puppyhood is something Simone is passionate about. Simone has been running puppy classes since 2007 and has helped over 3150 puppies and their humans.  

Learn how to train your puppy with our expert puppy trainers and classes in Perth

Learn how to train your puppy with our expert puppy trainers and classes in Perth

Simone shares her life with a low percentage dingo hybrid (Arnie), a kelpie (Henry), a very old Standardbred horse (Mark) and a very large Thoroughbred horse (Kobi).  

When she is not focussing on training she enjoys hiking, gardening and taking photos of the interesting plants, fungi, insects, birds and scenery she discovers. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Where are puppy training classes held?

Forrestdale Veterinary Hospital puppy classes are held in the waiting room at night.

How long does puppy preschool run?

Our puppy preschool course in Perth runs for 4 weeks, with one class a week.

How much does a puppy training course cost?

For more information on the costs of our puppy training course in Perth, please get in touch with Simone via email, text or Facebook Messenger.

When are puppy training classes held?

Classes for puppy training are generally held in the evenings after Forrestdale Veterinary Hospital closes.

How old does my puppy need to be to enrol in puppy training?

Our puppy preschool in Perth is open to puppies aged 8-16 weeks.

My puppy is too old or advanced. Are there other puppy preschool classes in Perth?

If your puppy is too old or advanced for basic puppy training, please contact Simone who can direct you to more advance puppy training in Perth. Simone can be contacted via email, text or Facebook Messenger.

Do I need to prepare anything before arriving to class?

Before attending puppy preschool with your pup, they must have had their first vaccination (we require a vaccination card to be sighted) and be well. Please do not feed them before coming to the class as the training is a positive reward-based training.

Please bring with you:

  • Your puppy on its lead and collar or harness
  • Some water from home for your puppy
  • A water bowl
  • Yummy food for training rewards e.g., ziwi peak, cooked chicken, chopped up dog roll (if that is part of your puppy’s diet)
  • Treat pouches are a handy accessory for you

My puppy is not responding to puppy training, what do I do?

If you feel your pet is not responding to puppy training classes, one-on-one sessions for more individualised training may be more suitable. Get in touch with Simone to learn more. Simone can be contacted via email, text or Facebook Messenger.

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