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Specialist Puppy Preschool

  • Puppy socialisation and training is the key to a happy life for your pup.
  • Our puppy classes are run by Cecile, a qualified trainer and behaviourist with extensive experience.
  • To book your pup in, call Cecile at Puppy Associates on 0435 018 083.
  • Pups must have had their first vaccine and be well before joining.

Puppy Preschool

Forrestdale Veterinary Hospital Puppy Training Classes

Give your pet a great start to life with a solid foundation in good behaviour. Cecile and her group of trainers at Puppy Associates are the best that you’ll find in Perth. At Puppy Associates, our trainers can give you advice on any issues you may be experiencing with your puppy.

Puppy classes are vital to cementing good future behaviour. The classes allow correct graded socialisation with other pups. Like any training (think about training children or sporting people), ongoing reinforcement is vital, so don’t stop after the puppy classes end!

We know that bad behaviour is one of the biggest issues for pets and their owners in our country. Behavioural issues are one of the most common reasons for pets being surrendered. That’s why Puppy Associates focuses on giving the correct start to a pet’s life – every dog and dog owner should experience the joy of having a well-trained puppy.

Cecile is a Certified Professional Dog Trainer – Knowledge Assessed. She has links to other trainers and is heavily involved in ongoing learning. As one of the trainers that Animal Sense from Murdoch University uses for problem pets, we’re confident that she’ll be able to train your puppy and tackle any behavioural issues you may be experiencing. Cecile can direct you to more advanced training classes and groups. She may also advise one-on-one sessions if your pet requires more individualised training.

Link (PDF): Enrolment Information and Service Agreement

Call Cecile on 0435 018 083 at Puppy Associates to learn more about the best puppy training school in Perth.

For information on Veterinary Behaviour Consultancy, please visit Animal Sense.

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Important Information Puppy Classes run by Puppy Associates in Perth:

  • Call Cecile on 0435 018 083, she will provide you with all the information you need. She will also provide the enrolment form for your puppy.
  • Puppy Associates charges $150 for the four week course.
  • The classes are run after Forrestdale Veterinary Hospital closes. We provide the use of our hospital space to Puppy Associates for free as we believe the puppy classes are important for your pet.
  • There is one class a week for 4 weeks.
  • The course is open to puppies 8 weeks up to about 16 weeks of age.
  • All puppies must be well before attending and have had their first vaccination. A vaccination certificate is required.

Classes include the following, as well as specific training experiences for puppies:

  • Appropriate interaction with other pups - off lead and on lead.
  • Pups learn to sit, puppy recall, drop and nose targeting and other actions - basic compliance behaviours that are important for good control.
  • Learn more about correct handling as well as basic husbandry.
  • Learn how to play with your pup - inappropriate play can make your puppy’s behaviour worse!
  • Learn about puppy rearing issues.
  • You will receive handouts, training lessons to do at home and a course certificate.